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Hopscotch Quilt Design

November 11, 2008

Last night I was looking through my I Love This Book and was inspired by a hopscotch board! I immediately saw this fantastic quilt for a kid where they can play on the carpet or (gasp!) the grass outside! (I’ll need a darker fabric for the back to hide dirt and stains.)

My friend Caitlyn is in town and loved the idea! Then requested one in Restoration Hardware-inspired colors, mixed with some more modern fabrics. The quilt could work for boy or girl with muted pastels. I am LOVING this one and would use some of the fabrics to make bean bags so you really could play hopscotch on it!

Hopscotch Quilt by threadsofhope

By the way, my I Love This Book was created by my wonderful friend Mickie, someone with whom I lived when I first moved to Nashville 4 1/2 years ago. Every time she got a catalog in the mail, she’d go through it and tear out all the pages with furniture, paint, a photo, vase, even flower she like. She put them in a big 3 hole binder, separated into various sections like Furniture, Paint, Details, Flooring, Outdoors. Then, the next time she was decorating her house or going antiquing, she had a book full of ideas she liked. She gave me an empty binder for Christmas so I could start my own book. I really do love that book!

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